Cebu Seo Contest Event

Monday, November 10, 2008

Chances on Busby SEO Test

The fight for the best SEO masters in the world is on and the target is the phrase "Busby SEO Test!" Everyone is excited to participated on this competition and one of them is bleuken who wished to grab one prize from the list of big prizes. Will bleuken capture the heart of Google to become number one in the said key phrase? Currently the same people who lead the previous competition are the one who is leading right now. My question is will I have ever a chance to grab at least one of the minor prizes? Not necessarily the top spot but at least on the prize money bracket rank. If in case, it is like I will be like the best among the best SEO monster of all time. Not master but monster, monster of Google.

Currently, I'm officially at position #20 and it keeps on dropping and then suddenly running high. Google is really unpredictable. As one of the SEO forum poster said that Google is really like a girl, changing its mind so easily. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

With Regards to Adsense can Help me Rank?

In response to my previous post entitled: Can Adsense Help me Rank?, this myth was disprove by Google team during the Webmaster Chat last October. Putting an adsense on your site will affect your ranking or can harm your ranking in search engine result pages. However Adsense can be very effective tool to earn money online, that's according to one of the presentor of the said event.

That's why I will continue to use Adsense on my blogs and make money out of it. Right now, my entries to the Busby SEO Test competition does not contain any adsense on it because I want to test if what will happen if I did not put any adsense on my blog. It doesn't mean on the ranking yet but this week I will try to install the feature to make another experiments. By the way, I successfully conquered the Cebu SEO Contest and I did understand the workaround now of G as of the current algorithm. :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Can Adsense Help Me Rank?

This is the question that I have raced to a fellow blogger and optimizer from our place and the answer is somewhat uncertain so I will make an experiment today. I will add a Google adsense on this blog and I will see if this Cebu Seo Contest entry will be crawled immediately by Spider. I am not sure but based on my previous experiences, after I have installed a certain adsense on my other blogs, the next day it is indexed and actually ranked on page one or two. This blog will be my "lab rat" for this competition and will suffer the worst case scenario of the challenge.

I will try to post anything here about Cebu Seo Contest then try to make it win. If I can't well therefore I can conclude that not only adsense that cause this to be crawled faster. It's the content that matters! :D Smile before you open this post. Good day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Official Cebu Seo Contest Blogspot?

Welcome to my Cebu Seo Contest blog for the competition of! This is in response with the contest invitation of Lhurey to become number one in the search engines for the query syntax: What are my possible campaign that I should do to become very victorious on this Seo contest? Will I go all the way or shall I hold back again? This are the questions that are running through out my brain and flowing through every veins of my fingers. I guess I will not hold and give all i've got!

Well, it will be a collection of random thoughts I guess. All the possible things that I can do and all the blog in the world that I should have done a long time ago. Actually the Cebu Seo Contest will end at exactly 9 days from now and I don't know if this will catch up against major opponents and adversaries of this contest. Oh I will just try if it will affect the rankings. I will just make sure that this will cause I little ruckus in part of other Cebu Seo Contest participants. This is like chess huh, I am using delection tactics that will make my "seo enemies" puzzled and got crazy with this...

Let's ready to rank and roll!